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What Is a Route
What Is a Router/Switch for Computer Networks? - globaltechtalk
Routers are little electronic devices that join multiple PC networks by means of either wired or wireless connections.

A switch is hardware device intended to receive , analyze and move incoming packets to another network .It might likewise be utilized to convert the packets to another network interface, drop them, and perform different actions relating to a network. The image shows the Linksys BEFSR11 wireless router and is the thing that many home routers resemble. 

A router has much a greater number of capabilities than other network devices, such as a hub or a switch that are just ready to perform essential network functions. For example, a hub is often used to transfer data between PCs or network devices, however does not analyze or do anything with the data it is transferring. By differentiate, switches can analyze the data being sent over a network , change how it is packaged , and send it to another network or over an alternate network . For example, routers are normally utilized in home networks to share a single Internet connection between multiple PCs. 

In the above example, of a home network, there are two different kinds of a router: the router and the wireless router. In this example, the router permits all the PCs and other network devices to access the Internet. The wireless router enables a PC to wirelessly connect with the home network and access the Internet as well.

How Routers Work

In technical terms, a router is a Layer 3 network gateway device, implying that it connects at least two networks and that the router operates at the network layer of the OSI model. 

Switches contain a processor (CPU), several kinds of digital memory, and input-output (I/O) interfaces . They function as exceptional purpose PCs, one that does not require a keyboard or display. 

The router's memory stores an embedded operating system (O/S). Compared to broadly useful OS products like Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OS, router operating systems limit what kind of applications can be kept running on them and also need much smaller amounts of storage space. Examples of prevalent router operating systems include Cisco Internet work Operating System (IOS) and DD-WRT. These operating systems are manufactured into a binary firmware picture and are regularly called router firmware. 

By maintaining configuration data in a piece of memory called the routing table, routers likewise can filter both incoming or outgoing traffic in view of the addresses of senders and receivers .

Routers for Business Networks and the Internet

become home networking became  popular, routers could be discovered only the closets of businesses and schools . Each cost a large number of dollars and require special technical training to set up and manage. 

The biggest and most powerful  network routers from the Internet backbone. These routers must manage numerous terabits of data moving through and between Internet Service Provider (ISP) networks .

Home Broadband Routers

Routers progressed toward becoming mainstream consumer devices when households began to accumulate multiple PCs and wanted to share the home Internet connection 

Home networks utilize Internet Protocol (IP) routers to connect PCs to one another and to the Internet. Early generations of home routers supported wired networking with Ethernet cables while more current wireless routers supported Wi-Fi together with Ethernet. The term broadband switch applies to any home wired or wireless switch being utilized for sharing a broadband Internet connection. 

Home routers often cost USD $100 or less. They are manufactured to be substantially more affordable than business routers in part because they offer fewer features. Still, home routers provide numerous essential home networking functions:
  • sharing of home Internet connections for many devices 
  • fundamental home system firewall and other security support
  • ability to change switch configuration settings from a Web browsers 

Other Types of Routers and Routing Devices

A class of portable Wi-Fi routers called travel routers are marketed to individuals and families who need to utilize the functions of an individual switch at different locations besides home. 

Routing devices considered mobile hotspots that share a mobile (cellular) Internet connection with Wi-Fi clients are likewise accessible. many mobile hotspot devices just work with certain brands of cell service .
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