What is JavaScript (JS)? - Definition from globaltechtalk

What is JavaScript (JS)? - Definition from globaltechtalk
What is JavaScript (JS)? - Definition from globaltechtalk

Definition - What does JavaScript (JS) mean ?

Javascript (JS) is a scripting languages, primarily utilized on the Web. It is utilized to enhance HTML pages and is normally found embedded in HTML code. JavaScript is an interpreted language. Thus, it doesn't should be compiled. JavaScript renders web pages in an interactive and dynamic form. This enabling the pages to react to events, exhibit enhancements, accept variable text, validate information, make cookies, detect a client's browser, etc .

globaltechtalk explains JavaScript (JS)

HTML pages are fine to show static content, e.g. a straightforward picture or content. However, most pages nowadays are once in a while static. A significant number of the present pages have menus, forms, slideshows and even pictures that provide client interaction. Javascript is the language by web designers to give such communication. Since JavaScript works with HTML pages, an engineer needs to know HTML to harness this scripting language's maximum capacity. While there are different languages that can be utilized for scripting on the Web, in practice it is essentially all Javascript.

There are two ways to utilize JavaScript in a HTML file. The first involves embedding all the JavaScript code in the HTML code, while the second method makes utilization of a separate JavaScript file that is called from inside a Script element, i.e., enclosed by Script tags. JavaScript files are distinguished by the .js extension. Although JavaScript is generally used to interact with HTML objects, it can likewise be made to interact with other non-HTML objects, for example, browser plugins, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) properties, the present date, or the browser itself. To compose JavaScript code, all you require is a basic content manager like Notepad in Windows, Gimp in Linux, or BBEdit. Some content tools, as BBEdit feature syntax highlighting for JavaScript. This will permit you effectively identify elements of JavaScript code.The most recent versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera all support JavaScript.
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