What is XML Query Language (XQuery)? - Definition

XML Query Language (XQuery)

What is XML Query Language (XQuery)? - Definition
What is XML Query Language (XQuery)? - Definition

Definition - What does XML Query Language (XQuery) mean?

XML Query Language (XQuery) is a query and programming language for processing XML documents and data (information). XML data and different databases that store data in a format analogous to HTML can be processed with XQuery. The main objective of XQuery is to give query mechanisms for data extraction from genuine and virtual Web based documents. It means to link Web and database technologies with the help of XML.

The World Wide Web Consortium is responsible for surrounding XQuery 1.0.

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XQuery acts like an expression language since it specifies the correct flow of data and operations to accomplish a desired result. It doesn't specify how the data is associated with a specific programming platform in terms of syntax. For example, an expression specifies the result value of an expansion but does not manage the declaration of variables, the data types used and commands or function calls.

XML documents can be made with the help of the syntax provided with XQuery. The XML documents are processed to extract structural data, which is classified as document nodes, elements, attributes, text nodes, comments, processing instructions and namespaces.

All data items or values are treated as arrangements by default. Either atomic values or nodes are the type of data items present in a XML document. The atomic values like Boolean, integer and string are according to XML schema specification. Features , for example, full text based search and document updates are presently a work in progress.
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