How to Add Plugins in the Google Chrome Browser

Plugins are an extraordinary method to improve your browsing experience. Regardless of whether you'd like to see Flash content or need Microsoft Silverlight, the Google Chrome browser permits you enable these plugins. To enable plugins to Chrome, follow the steps in the segments below.

How to Add Plugins in the Google Chrome Browser
How to Add Plugins in the Google Chrome Browser

Enabling plugins in Chrome

If you don't have plugin enabled, you won't have the capacity to install them. To enable plugin , pursue these steps.

  • 1. Open your Google Chrome Internet browser
  • 2. Click on the Google Chrome menu symbol in the upper right-corner of the screen. 
  • 3. From the menu that shows up, select Settings. 
  • 4. On the following screen, click Advanced at the bottom of the screen. 
  • 5. Under the Privacy and security segment, click the Content settings option. 
  • 6. Find and tap the Unsandboxed plugin access option.
  • 7. For the Ask when a site needs to use a plugin to access your PC option, click the toggle switch to enable it. The toggle switch will change to a blue shading when it is enabled.

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Note: To disable plugins in Google Chrome, in step 7 above, tap the toggle switch so it turns dark, which shows it is disabled.

Installing plugins

Starting now , when you visit a page that requires a plugin, you'll get an prompt asking your authorization. When you concur, the plugin will download and install automatically, or you'll be taken to a download page that does likewise.
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