What is Cache Memory? - Definition

Cache Memory :

Definition - What does Cache Memory mean?

As CPU needs to fetch instruction from primary memory speed of CPU relying upon fetching speed from primary memory. CPU contains register which has quickest access however they are limited in number and additionally expensive. Cache is less expensive so we can access cache. Cache memory is a high speed memory that is put between the CPU and primary memory, to operate at the speed of the CPU.

It's used to reduce the normal time to get to information from the primary memory. The cache is a smaller and quicker memory which stores copies of the information from as often as possible used primary memory locations. Most CPUs have different free caches, including instruction and data.

What is Cache Memory? - Definition
What is Cache Memory? - Definition

globaltechtalk explains Cache Memory

Cache memory provides quicker data storage and access by putting away examples of programs and data routinely accessed to by the processor. Thus, when a processor requests information that already has an instance in the cache memory, it doesn't have to go to the primary memory or the hard disk to fetch the data.

Cache memory can be primary or secondary cache memory, with primary cache memory specifically coordinated into (or nearest to) the processor. Notwithstanding hardware-based cache, cache memory also can be a disk cache, where a held part on a disk stores and provides access to frequently got to data/applications from the disk.

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Types/Levels of Cache Memory

A PC can have several different types of cache memory.  All types of cache memory are quicker than RAM ( Random Access Memory ). The cache closest to CPU is in every case quicker however generally costs more and stores less data then other level of cache.

The following are the deferent levels of Cache Memory :

Level 1 Cache

It's additionally called primary or internal cache. It is incorporated straightforwardly with the processor chip. It has small limit from 8 Km to 128 Kb.

Level 2 Cache

It is slower than Level1 cache. It's storage limit is more, I-e. From 64 Kb to 16 MB. The current processors contain advanced transfer cache on processor chip that is a kind of Level2 cache. The normal size of this cache is from 512 kb to 8 Mb.

Level 3 Cache

This cache is isolated from processor chip on the motherboard. It exists on the computer that utilizes Level2 advanced transfer cache. It is slower than Level1 and Level2 cache. The PC frequently has up to 8 MB of Level3 cache.

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