What is the Difference Between Gmail and Email ?

Gmail and Email :

What is the Difference Between Gmail and Email ?
What is the Difference Between Gmail and Email ?

The terms email and gmail are related , we should understand it with a simple example .

Think , If You have sent an SMS from your phone at that point there must be some  SMS Service Provider, we usually call it SIM card. Generally the indian providers of SMS service are Airtel , Idea , Reliance, vodafone etc .

Here your SMS is email and your SIM card is GMail.

Email is much the same as a SMS which contains the data to be sent and GMail resembles a SIM card which gives you send the SMS.

So ,  if you want to send an email then you need GMail to send that mail .

The word GMail stand a for Google Mail. It's an email service given by Google for free. As there are numerous SMS service providers available, there are additionally a lot of email service providers.

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Some of the famous email service providers are :

  • 1. GMail : Google Mail served by Google 
  • 2. Rediffmail : An Indian email service. 
  • 3. Hotmail/Outlook/Live : Email service by Microsoft 
  • 4. AOL : An American email service etc .

Each service providers provides some unique features to expand their clients. 

If you need some other domain name at that point try Mail.com , it's the most secure mail provider and provides a wide assortment of domains like @mail.com, @email.com etc .

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