What is Google Drive? - everything you need to know

Google Drive :

Definition - What does Google Drive mean?

Google Drive is a file storage and a synchronization service which helps users to store files , documents in the cloud - one of the most important applications of the G-Suite. Accurately, Google Drive helps in Storing, Synchronizing and Sharing of files,documents  and photos, So that you can access them from any device or any location.

What is Google Drive? - Definition
What is Google Drive? - everything you need to know

To begin with Google Drive, you must sign up for a gmail account, and you'll be provided with 15 GB of capacity to store documents ,pictures, and other files. You can either make folders/local Google files in Google Drive or you can uploaded offline files into it.

When you're collaborating on Google Drive, you can customize who ought to have the capacity to access your files & documents. You can restrict view access on files /documents or even provide edit or comment access to other people. Sharing Google files/documents and drive links is simple - possibly you can share the Google Drive URL or you can provide access by clicking on the share button on the upper right corner.

Globaltechtalk explains Google Drive

To utilize Google drive, users must have Google client software running on a device. Google Drive was originally launched to be perfect with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, and in addition as some versions of the Mac OS (operating system). The iPad and Android phones are also supported. There are also other Google Drive applications or tools that can help clients to get more out of this cutting-edge software service.

By offering Google Drive cloud hosting, Google is introducing some of the biggest advantages of the today’s cutting-edge technology to its users. Over the business world and in consumer industries, cloud hosting is quickly turning into a standard for data security and convenience. Great cloud systems with sufficient security take into consideration significantly more powerful data handling for both individuals and organizations.

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