What is Google Docs? - Definition

Google Docs :

Definition - What does Google Docs mean?

Google Docs is a free Web-based application in which Files and spreadsheets can be made, edited and stored online. Documents can be accessed to from any PC with an Internet association and a full-featured Web browser. Google Docs is a parts of a thorough package of online applications offered by and related with Google.

What is Google Docs? - Definition
What is Google Docs? - Definition

Clients of Google Docs can import, make, edit and update Files and spreadsheets in different textual styles and file formats, joining text with formulas, lists, tables and pictures. Google Docs is good with most presentation software and word processor applications. Work can be distributed as a Web page or as a print-ready composition. Clients can control who sees their work. Google Docs is perfect for distributing inside an enterprise, maintaining blogs or creating work for review by the overall public .

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Globaltechtalk explains Google Docs

Google Docs is intended for both individual and real-time community projects. Document security is kept up through storage online and storage on clients' PCs, although a few creators have security worries that documents stored online may be seen, replicated or stolen by others.Furthermore, all documents made are good with most presentation and word processing applications and can be printed or distributed as a Web page. Spreadsheets can be made and edited in different textual styles and file formats.

Google regularly releases new features for Google Docs, and keeps up an online help group to answer client questions and fix issues.

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