How to Earn Money With BidVertiser - Make Money from your Website and Traffic |

How You Can Make Money With Bidvertiser ?

If you have a blog or site, you must search for various ways to make money from your blog. However, there are many advertising networks available online, for example, AdSense, , Affiliate Marketing which allows you make money online from your blog or website . But , Today I am will inform you about How You Can Make Money With Bidvertiser in this post. 

Before I will explain you how to Make Money With Bidvertiser, let’s know somewhat about Bidvertiser.

How to Earn Money With BidVertiser - Make Money from your Website and Traffic |
How to Earn Money With BidVertiser - Make Money from your Website and Traffic |

What is Bidvertiser ?

BidVertiser is an advertising networks that focuses on banners, pop under and slider ads for both desktop and mobile. The advertise that they distribute are comparable to the advertisements that AdSense distributes as far as how they work and generate revenue for distributers. The revenue for distributers is a mix of CPC, CPM and CPA where their propriety advertisement server optimizes each ad for maximum revenue in real-time.

Bidvertiser is a PPC (Pay Per Click) AD network which has started in 2003. Also, It's one of the presumed and old ADs network organizations. Further, You can place an advertisement of Bidvertiser on your blog or site to Make Money With Bidvertiser. At whatever point someone clicks on the AD of Bidvertiser, you will get paid. If you have high traffic on your blog or site, you can make a good amount of income from your blog/website with Bidvertiser.

How to Make Money With Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser offer a Referral Program which permits you to Make Money With Bidvertiser. If you join to Bidvertiser Referral Program, you can earn extra income from your blog by referring both advertiser and publishers.

Bidvertiser Referral Program offers you to place a referral button on your blog/website to Make Money With Bidvertiser. When someone click on the button and sign up as a advertiser or publisher to Bidvertiser network, you will get paid.

Bidvertiser Referral Program offers the different commission for both advertisers and publishers :

  • ➤For Publishers: If a client join as a publisher with your referral link then you can earn 10$, you will also receive $10 in your account by Bidvertiser. At the point when the earning of referred client compasses to $50, you will get extra $40 in your account.
  • ➤For Advertiser: if a client join as a advertiser with your referral link and he spends through $10 the Bidvertiser then you will get $5 to your account. At the point when the same advertiser spends $50, you will get extra $20 in your account. Consequently, you will get half amount of advertiser pays to Bidvertiser.

Pros of Bidvertiser :

  • ➤It is an acceptable option or replacement for AdSense 
  • ➤It gives more than one way to earn advertisement income 
  • ➤You can earn various commissions through the same user activity .
  • ➤It gives payments that are higher than the majority of similar networks .
  • Bidvertiser one of the longer running PPC advertisement networks .
  • ➤It has a low minimum withdraw .
  • ➤Automatic approval for the Bidvertiser network.
  • ➤Higher than average CPM rates for mobile traffic.

Cons of Bidvertiser

  • ➤Lower CPC (cost per click) than AdSense 
  • ➤It's anything but a perfect network for publishers that are depending entirely on PPC for their AD income streams. 
  • ➤They don't coordinate the advertisements with the content on your website
  • ➤Low-quality websites will get lower paying advertisements 
  • ➤Daily earnings will vary greatly. This makes it extreme to project your long-term income reliably. 
  • ➤The overall quality of the advertisements leaves a great deal to be desired

How to Use Bidvertiser

Utilizing BidVertiser is simple. The sign-up process is fast and you will be approved automatically. When you get approval, you can start setting their ADs throughout your blog/websites . They will accept any site as long as it doesn't promote adult or illegal material.

When you are in, you can deal with their advertisement sized and AD types. They offer a variety of pre-made advertisement types and sizes to allow you easily locate the perfect sized ADs for your website. Basically enter the advertisement code and your ADs will start to propagate on your blog/website.

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