How to Make Money With Propeller Ads - Best CPM Ad Network PropellerAds

Do you want to earn money faster from your blog or website  ? then you are at the right place. So far I have created many posts about earn money from blog/site  however today I will tell you about propeller ADs which is a faster method to make money online . It's one of the best way to earn money faster from blogging with just a one disadvantage and that is its first minimum payout is $5 and after that you can payout if you reach $25.

How to Make Money With Propeller Ads - Best CPM Ad Network PropellerAds
How to Make Money With Propeller Ads - Best CPM Ad Network PropellerAds

In this article, we are going to show you a very simple monetization mode utilizing viral traffic which you can scale to get the highest eCPM (Cost Per Mile) rates with Propeller Ads.

There are many ways to monetize your blog/website like Affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, selling your products and services, or displaying ads.  Google Adsense is the most popular AD networks , but there are several other ADs networks you can utilize, like Propeller Ads.

Let’s go into details.

How To Make Money From Propeller Ads ?

  • 1: Sign up for a Propeller Ads account as a publisher bellow the sign up button. 
  • 2: Go to your email/gmail and confirm your account. 
  • 3: Login to your Propeller ADs account. 
  • 4: Tap on Sites in the menu on left side. 
  • 5: Click on + Add new site button. 
  • 6: Paste your blog/site URL and click on submit
  • 7: Verify domain by copying  the meta tag and paste it in your blog/site theme after <head>.
  • 8: Save your theme and return to your propeller advertisements account and click on verify. 
  • 9: Once you confirm your account you can make a banner. 
  • 10: After making a banner, simply copy its code and go to blogger format and click  on include a gadget, select HTML/Javascript and paste your advertisement code. 
  • 11: Save and you are done.

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Propeller ads Pros

  • ➤It's extremely easy to register and get your account activated. In a minutes, you can get the ads live on your blog/site and start earning . 
  • ➤You should realize that Propeller Ads share 80% of their ad revenue with publishers. 
  • ➤The dashboard in your Propeller Ads account is easy to understand and reports are clear.
  • ➤Payments are made via wire exchange or Paypl and Payoneer . According to Propeller Ads' Terms for Publishers, the payouts are made following 30 days of fulfillment of the earning period. So the payouts for October are wired or transferred during the 1st week of the December.
  • ➤Make sure to check their terms and conditions, so don't violate any guidelines.

Propeller ads Cons

  • ➤For some kind of ADs, as the full-screen or popunder advertisements, you may danger of irritating your readers. However, they have a effective solution for this. The help could change the recurrence inscription for these ads. In such a case, the pop-unders are shown just when the client makes the third click.
  • ➤If you have a blog/site that has a lots of organic traffic, this isn't an issue, but if you have a dedicated base of fans, you can lose a piece of them. 
  • ➤So my suggestion is to utilize only a particular kind of ad, which coordinates the marketing plan and goal of your blog/site.

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