What Is a Hashtag on Twitter and Why Use Hashtags ?- You Need to Know About Hashtags

Confused about hashtags? You are not the only one. If you are new to the popular blogging network or any other social network that utilizes hashtags .

When you understand what they are and how theys work, you'll likely need to get in on all the hashtagging a good time for yourself. Here's what you need to know.

What Is a Hashtag on Twitter and Why Use Hashtags ?- You Need to Know About Hashtags
What Is a Hashtag on Twitter and Why Use Hashtags ?- You Need to Know About Hashtags

Hashtag Supported Platforms

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google+
  • Tumblr
  • Pinterest

What are Hashtags?

A hashtag is a keyword or an expression used to describe a topic or a theme. Such as "dog" could be a hashtag, thus could "border collie little dog training." One is a broad word and the other is an expression that is far more specific.

To make a hashtag, you need to put the pound sign (#) before the word or phrase and avoid utilizing any spaces or punctuation (regardless of whether you're utilizing different words in an expression).

A hashtag automatically becomes a clickable link when you tweet/post it. Any individual who sees the hashtag can click on it and be conveyed to a page including the feed of all the latest tweets/posts that contain that specific hashtag. Twitter users put hashtags in their tweets/posts to categorize them such that makes it simple for different users to find and follow tweets/posts about a specific theme or topic.

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Why Use Hashtags ?

Twitter is an open social network, and anyone can see your public tweets gave you haven't set up your account to be totally private. But some people need to follow everyone on the world. Hashtags(#) can make it easier to find other Twitter clients who are interested in the same discussions you like.

For example, by conducting a Twitter search for #NFL, you'll see just the tweets with that hashtag for the National Football League.Since you can use any hashtag you want .

If you said something insightful or answered a question, others may react and engage in you in discussion by using the hashtag you used. if you are following a certain hashtag, you can tweet a question to other people who are seeing that discussion stream, connect with other interested users with regards to ongoing or discover people to follow.

When using hashtags it's critical to think about scale. Completing a search for the #NFL on Sundays will most likely subject you to a reiteration of tweets and staying aware of the discussion might be difficult. But if you still want your feeling tossed out there with everyone else's, utilize the hashtag.

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