What is Bookmark ? Definition

Definition - Bookmark

A bookmark is a Web browser feature used to save a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) address for future reference. Bookmarks save client and browser time, which is particularly helpful for Web pages with long URLs.

What is Bookmark ? Definition
What is Bookmark ? Definition

Why create a bookmark?

A bookmark is exceptionally helpful when you discover a page that you need to remember and have the capacity to look at another day. When you bookmark a website page, you are making a shortcut for quick access to that site page. You can access to that bookmark whenever and view the website page as many times as you need without having to search the Internet to find it once more.

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View bookmark shortcuts

  • ➔Google Chrome - Ctrl+Shift+O
  • ➔Mozilla Firefox - Ctrl+Shift+B
  • ➔Internet Explorer - Ctrl+I
  • ➔Opera - Ctrl+Shift+B

Explains Bookmark

A bookmark saves or marks a particular Web page - not simply the website homepage .

Most Web browsers give a bookmarking feature. A Web bookmark is made by opening the desired Web page and accessing the browser's bookmark menu. Browsers usually give folder options to related bookmarks.In addition, you can save your collection of bookmarks to outsider sites so you can access them from anywhere on the Web.

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