What Is a Computer Virus? Definition

What Is a Virus ?

A computer virus is a program or bit of code that is loaded onto your computer without your knowledge and keeps running against your desires. Viruses can likewise replicate themselves. All PC viruses are man-made.

What Is a Computer Virus? Definition
What Is a Computer Virus? Definition

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Explains Virus

Viruses are malicious programs that spread all through PC files without users knowledge. Most widespread virus contaminations spread through email message attachments that initiate when opened. The endless loop of an virus sustains as infected messages are sent to numerous users. Infections additionally spread through shared media, for example, USB (Universal Serial Bus) drives.

At first created as pranks, viruses are responsible of widespread and noteworthy computer framework and file annihilation. Installing anti-virus software counteracts, block or remove recently installed viruses.

Some people recognize general viruses and worms. A worm is an special type of viruses that can reproduce itself and use memory, but can't append itself to different programs.

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