What Is An E-Book (Electronic Book)? | Learn About eBooks

Definition - Electronic Book (E-Book) :

Short for electronic book, an eBook or digital book is a book distributed in an electronic format. It permits for instant access to a book by downloading it over the Internet. The book can be read on the PC, tablet (e.g., the Amazon Kindle), smartphone, or  e-reader. An eBook can be distributed in various file formats such as plain text, PDF (Portable Document Format), Rich Text Format, as image files, and others.

What Is An E-Book (Electronic Book)? | Learn About eBooks
What Is An E-Book (Electronic Book)? | Learn About eBooks

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Explains Electronic Book (E-Book)

E-books originated generally as technical item manuals, however today, the format covers most distributing formats. Some creators dismissed by traditional distributers may electronically independently publish their work, because of low production costs. Major distributing organizations also offer e-books (digital books) as an alternative to hard copy publications.

Some e-books utilize a restrictive format, for example, those designed for Amazon's Kindle tablet. The option is an open format, like  Adobe's PDF, which is good with most e-readers.

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